Linen Room Policies and Procedures

The Department of Materials Management operates a linen room service in room 1101 of the Hutchinson Memorial Building.

This service operates on a rental basis for certain clothing and laboratory linens. The Linen Room also offers laundry service for personally owned laboratory coats and garments.  The two plans are described below:

1. Rental Clothing. (Laboratory coats, wraps, scrub shirts and uniforms). Where a department head or principal investigator deems it necessary that an individual wear one of these garments and the funding source allows for payment, the following service is rendered.

The rental plan guarantees the weekly availability of one, two or three items of dress, depending on the plan. Once an individual enters the program, the department or funding source is charged a weekly fee for the service whether or not the individual turns in a soiled garment. It is imperative that departments monitor this service to determine if it is being used, because the charge will be rendered whether or not the service is used. To obtain this service the requester must submit an approved I.T. stating the weekly service required, sizes and types of items required.  To terminate service, notify the linen room of the account and date service is to be terminated and return all rental garments.  If all garments are not returned before the requested termination date, service will continue until fees to replace lost garments are paid. 

2. Laboratory Linen. (Towels, sheets, pillowcases, etc.) This service is charged for on an as-used basis.  Clean items are issued and charged only in exchange for soiled ones. This service requires a Linen Room Requisition, as illustrated and explained below:

Linen Room Requisition

The carbon snap-out form contains two parts and is illustrated at the conclusion of the instructions.

"a" Date: Date of issuance by department.

"b" Account Number: Departmental or research account to be charged.

"c" Department: Department requesting service.

"d" Linen Count: List number of soiled items returned.

"e" Linen Count: Linen room personnel to fill in number of soiled items received.  Any variance between columns D and E must be reported to Linen Room immediately.

"f" Linen Count: This is the number of clean items delivered.  Note: If linen room unable to deliver quantities requested and shown in columns D and E, another requisition will be issued to reflect columns D, E, and F, with actual quantities delivered.  Another requisition will be issued showing columns D and E with quantities still due and column F will show the figure zero (0).  Upon delivery of balance due, column F will be corrected to reflect the same amounts listed under columns D and E.

"g" Received by: Signature of individual receiving clean linen.  Do not sign if amount received does not agree with columns D and E.

Departments should retain all yellow copies for verification of charges appearing on monthly statements.  The total monthly usage will appear as one charge on the statement.  Should any explanation or clarification be desired, contact the Linen Room at 988-5109 for assistance.

Revised: May 29, 2007