Information for Vendors

The Department of Materials Management administers the centralized purchasing services for all departments of the University. Performing these services in accordance with sound and prudent business practices, the department seeks to realize for the University the maximum value for every dollar expended. Additionally, Materials Management is responsible for the material distribution of purchased material to various departments on both campuses and operation of the Health Sciences Center Storeroom and Linen Room.

In fiscal year 2015, the Department of Materials Management awarded over 4,800 purchase orders totaling over $69,233,000 and handled over 23,400 freight shipments.

Companies and vendors desiring to conduct business with Tulane University should complete and return the Vendor Survey Information Form that can be found here.

The Department of Materials Management at Tulane has two office locations to better serve the University:   Uptown Campus:                8333 Maple Street          1430 Tulane Avenue, Room 1101 New Orleans, LA 70118           (504) 865-5211

Health Sciences Center:                Mailing Address: 1430 Tulane Ave EP-16 New Orleans, LA 70112 (504) 988-5104  

The Uptown and Health Sciences Center offices are responsible for the procurement of supplies and equipment used on both campuses of the University. A non-comprehensive list of items purchased through these offices includes: maintenance supplies, printing, vehicles, office equipment, computers, office supplies, athletic equipment, furniture purchases and leasing, and moving services.

These offices are also responsible for the procurement of supply and equipment items in support of the research and clinical laboratories of the University. Examples of the categories of products purchased include: medical and surgical supplies, medical and laboratory equipment, laboratory supplies, scientific supplies and equipment, and all gases. The Health Sciences Center office manages the Health Sciences Center Storeroom located in the Hutchinson Memorial Building at 1430 Tulane Ave. and the Central Receiving operation located in the J. Bennett Johnston Building at 333 S. Liberty St.

Only authorized buyers and purchasing cardholders –- up to the limit of their authority -- are authorized to obligate the University to pay for goods or services. Potential vendors should ensure they have a valid Tulane University Purchase Order or a Tulane Purchasing card number (Visa account number) before shipping goods or performing services. Uptown Purchase Order numbers are seven (7) numeric characters in length. Health Sciences Center Purchase Order numbers are three (3) alpha characters (the first is “M”) followed by seven (7) numeric characters. If in doubt, vendors should ask for a copy of the Purchase Order if the order was placed verbally. Examples of both an Uptown purchase order and a Health Sciences Center purchase order can be viewed here. Tulane University’s tax-exempt letters from the State of Louisiana and City of New Orleans are here. Tulane’s standard terms and conditions are also available.

Vendors are paid according to the terms and conditions of their individual purchase order. In most cases those terms are net thirty days. If you have a payment issue you may contact Accounts Payable at (504) 865-5824.