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Linen Rates

Rental Plans:

Customer is charged whether coat is cleaned or not.     

            Type Plan                  Cost                             Service

3 / 1                            $23.00/month               1 clean coat per week

5 / 2                            $44.00/month               2 clean coats per week

7 / 3                            $65.00/month               3 clean coats per week

 Rental Plan termination procedures:

Customer returns all coats

Customer is given receipt listing coats returned

Materials Management removes Customer from plan with vendor.

Customer will continue to be charged if rental coats are not returned.  Vendor continues to charge us the same price as the on-going plan.  If the customer knows that they have lost coats, they will be charged $32.00 for each missing coat to discontinue the plan.    

 Ownership Plans:

Customer buys coat and only pays when cleaned.

            Type Product                                    Cost                             Cleaning

Cotton/Poly regular coat                    $35.00                         $5.75

Cotton/Poly long coat                        $38.50                         $5.75

100% Cotton coat                             $66.00                         $11.00

Embroidery (any coat)                       $26.00

            Sew-on Tulane Patch                         $10.00

Last Updated: June 01, 2010